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E-mail or DM on IG for inquiry.

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Depending on the scale of the shoot, friend's discounts and referrals will be considered. E-mail or IG DM for inquiry.

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As a professional photographer we need to keep shooting consistently to improve our skills.  For that reason I offer the first shoot on me as long as you are local or can come to my area.  Currently located in Cobb County, Georgia.

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Why does it cost so much?

There's a difference between a photographer and a person that buys a nice camera and calls themselves a photographer.  We all have different skills and approaches but most of us will shoot in a raw uncompressed format that is not presentable by itself.  The photo needs editing which includes curves, levels, contrast, etc. to fix the color and lighting.  Depending on the number of photos this editing process could take 8 to 36 hours.  That's not including the time we have to be at the location to shoot the photos.  That's just the hours.  There's also the expense of equipment wear and tear, traveling mileage, software usage, etc.  Photographers take pride in their work so we would appreciate the respect and to not confuse us with some point-and-shoot guy.

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