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Photograph Package

As always I focus on quality over quantity.  Meaning I will not be slapping on filters and be done with it.  I take my time with editing so the pictures can look its best.  You put your work in so you deserve to have quality photographs.  Please allow some time for photos to be given out.  As I complete edits I will be sending them to you via a Drive.  We will make sure to cover all three categories (squats, bench, dead) but please also understand that sh*t happens such as lighting or some ******* jumping in the way and obstructing the view.  Regardless of all the obstacles I've managed to make all my past clients happy so I hope I can do that for you too.  

To make the process smoother please come see me before the competition is under way so I know what you look like that day and I don't miss you.  

I also ask you to submit your full name, flight, and email address via text, email, or DM (@dragonphysique).  

If you do not purchase packages before the event you will NOT be guaranteed any photos.  Photos taken during the event may possible be available for purchase later.  

Contact to book now:


IG: @dragonphysique

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